It is difficult to overestimate the possibilities of using drones for emergency response, as well as their prevention and elimination of consequences – UAVs are effective in situations where speed and efficiency are especially important. They save time and resources, and can perform work that is dangerous to humans and inaccessible to other equipment. Searching for survivors, assessing the destruction, obtaining operational data on rescue operations – this is only part of the tasks that drones can solve.


Emergency detection

The use of drones to inform rescue services allows for a quick and effective response to the situation, reducing human losses and damage.

Participation in emergency response

With the help of the UAV, you can quickly obtain a 3D terrain model and a volumetric map necessary to predict the dynamics of a disaster, as well as simulate the development of emergency situations. Also, drones will be able to find the centers of the catastrophe or conduct a video broadcast to coordinate the work of rescue teams.

Search and rescue of victims

Drones help to find people where neither rescue teams nor other equipment can reach. By attaching a thermal imager to the UAV, you can detect people at night, under the rubble, in a smoky area in poor visibility.

Improving monitoring efficiency

For a greater effect, the drone can be equipped with a thermal imager, sensors or dosimeters to measure the level of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination, without putting human health at risk.

Rapid damage assessment

Drone data can be used to assess damage and plan recovery efforts.

Use in high-risk enterprises

The practice of using drones to prevent emergencies is widespread in enterprises with an increased risk of their occurrence. To do this, the company’s security service should implement a technology for monitoring the state of security systems and the most vulnerable infrastructure.

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We can help you with the choice of equipment, train staff or completely solve your issues related to the prevention and elimination of emergencies. We offer various levels and possibilities of integration, from the organization of a monitoring department on the basis of an enterprise, to full outsourcing of work by DroneGE specialists.

Benefits of using a UAV




Wide range of applications


According to your needs, we will be happy to form flight crews based on your enterprise. Equipment at the most reasonable prices with a guarantee of the best conditions, training of specialists and constant technical support – all this makes DroneGE’s offers the best on the market. Cooperate with us!

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DroneGE’s scientific expertise is one of the main directions of the company. With the help of artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks, we obtain highly accurate information that helps our clients achieve maximum profitability and efficiency. For each individual request, we are ready to develop a complex complete solution: create new software or a completely unique product that will most closely meet the project’s objectives.

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