Local energy companies choose drones primarily because few devices can handle more work than humans can do in the same amount of time. In addition, the associated costs will be cut in half and the risk factor is reduced to a minimum.


Creation of digital 3D models and maps

The drones will be able collect the data needed to create digital 3D models of the energy sector infrastructure, as well as power line maps.

Monitoring of power grids

The UAV data will help power grid specialists to analyze the impact of natural factors on power lines, to detect defects and deviations from the norm in time. They are also most often used in the design of transmission lines to assess the location of substations.

Orthomosaic creation

In this case, the orthofortplan will be used as a basis for GIS, design and planning, for the development of digital elevation models.

Optimization of alternative energy enterprises

Drones will help you to create the map of winds or solar activity, which is important when planning the best location for construction solar panels or wind turbines.

Elimination of the consequences of accidents

In this scenario, the drones will assess the damage caused and find the exact location of the damage. Also, with their help, you can video broadcast the troubleshooting process.

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We can help you with the choice of equipment, train staff or completely solve your questions related to energetic industry. We offer various levels and possibilities of integration, from the organization of a monitoring department on the basis of an enterprise, to full outsourcing of work by DroneGE specialists

Benefits of using a UAV




Wide range of applications


According to your needs, we will be happy to form flight crews based on your enterprise. Equipment at the most reasonable prices with a guarantee of the best conditions, training of specialists and constant technical support – all this makes DroneGE’s offers the best on the market. Cooperate with us!

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DroneGE provides training in various areas of UAV control and data processing. Each course consists of practical and theoretical modules and designed for individual training. You can choose the appropriate duration, intensity and location. Our best specialists will be able to teach you the skills of piloting even in a short time, and will also tell you about safety precautions, the specifics of the selected equipment, and give basic lessons in data processing.


DroneGE’s scientific expertise is one of the main directions of the company. With the help of artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks, we obtain highly accurate information that helps our clients achieve maximum profitability and efficiency. For each individual request, we are ready to develop a complex complete solution: create new software or a completely unique product that will most closely meet the project’s objectives.

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Possibility of completing with additional functions, changing the configuration according to customer requirements. Own production and service in Georgia. Thanks to this, the drones have affordable prices and service.